Oct 142011

Remember when advertising was reserved for newspapers/TV/radio?  Oh, how about billboards?

Anyone remember how Burma Shave spiced things up in the 1950’s?  Classy!

Nowadays, advertising has become a great waste of tree pulp:  falling out of magazines with their cute mini postcards, flashy inserts in your bill from your utility company.

Cable companies seem to be the worst offenders, since I get a letter from them monthly with a limited time offer to “lock-in” on a service that I have no need or desire to ever have.  It’s like they’re saying “Hey, we already know we’re gouging you with our prices, but because we need to pay for all this advertising, we need you to opt for a higher premium channel/bundle.”  If it’s a limited time, why have I been getting the notice for the past 2 years?

So I’ve decided to fight back in a purely environmentally friendly way.  Instead of feeling guilty about this junk ending up in my landfill, I’m recycling it by sending it back with my monthly bill payments.

Whaddaya think, maybe the payables clerk at my electric company has been toying with a way to get rid of all the tree debris in his yard and the shredder-chipper from MacKissic is just the ticket.

Perhaps the employee at the cable company is an avid organic gardener and would like to subscribe to Mother Earth News.

Oh, I just know that there has to be somebody at the phone company who doesn’t have Dental Insurance and has been looking for something affordable so his daughter can finally get her braces.

And I’m sure that there is somebody getting close to retirement at the garbage company that needs more information on Medicare.

I’m considering this my way of helping others even if they didn’t know that they need it.  And I also get to feel good about myself, since I’m not the one throwing it away.

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