May 092011

Mother’s Day found Rick & I traveling down to Black River Falls to visit his folks, who were at his sister Roxy’s house.

As always when we travel south of the homestead, we enter some beautiful country that is teaming with wildlife.

I always consider it a good sign when we are met with an Eagle along the way.

Rick spotted this hawk a couple of trees away.

Must be camera shy.

2 1/2 hours later we reach our destination.  They have a beautiful house that they built on 40 acres surrounded by ponds, trees and lush meadows.

But do you think that I would have remembered to get a picture of their house?  Nope!

I take that back.  I did get a couple, but they were pretty fuzzy.

So this will have to give you a little snippet of what it looks like.

Oh, that’s Roxy taking a picture of us getting ready for a tour of the grounds in their Gator.  (I’m saving that for tomorrow.)


Meet Vern.

This guy had a wonderful view of the property from the 3 season porch off the back of the house.

I could seriously live in this room.

It looks like  Georgia is willing to share her coffee with him.  Actually, she’s trying to get him to talk.

And does he ever!!

Rick had to see how far he could get with him.  It was pretty funny until Vern took a peck at him.

Even Kitty had to get into the act.

Yes, the cat is named Kitty.  At least it’s easy to remember.

He is so handsome, but not very sociable, I’m afraid.

Unlike Daisy, who is the sweetest thing I have seen in years. She is an Airedale mix that Roxy rescued, and she could not have found a better home!

I could not resist capturing this old washtub that she had on the porch.  And I found out it is still functional!

I love this photo of Roxy and her Dad!  And Daisy too.

This dog is totally devoted to Roxy.

This young man is Rick’s nephew Josh.  I was so happy to see that he was home to visit his Mom this weekend.

But here is the real reason we came.

I think I scare the hell out of this woman whenever I come near her with my camera.  But how can I resist?

I like to think that she has to be the most perfect Mother-in-Law that anyone could ask for.  Actually, I take her up a notch and put her right up there with my own Mom.  Rick and his siblings are very blessed to have these two people as their parents, and I’m so happy whenever I get to spend time with them.

Tomorrow I’ll share with you pictures of their homestead.  I was really happy when we came across some critters that I had never seen before.

But you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out what they were.

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  1. This is such a nice memory of a nice weekend. I love the photo of Dad, Daisy and .I Your going to have to send it to me. A few more visits from Mom and Dad and we may have Daisy sitting on Dads lap. 🙂 Thanks for taking it! Thanks for coming too. Was great to see you two again.

  2. Glad you like the photo! I’ll get it off to you shortly. We had such a great time and you can guarantee that we will be back soon!

  3. Love the photos! Glad you go to have a wonderful Mother’s Day! The thought did cross my mind to make a trip out there and surprise you all 🙂 Would have been a long drive and short trip tho since I had to have the girls back to Andy at 4:00. Maybe next time!

  4. Oh, that would have been fun! But I’m glad that you spent the day with your girls instead of traveling all around Wisconsin.

  5. LOVE IT! Laughed ’bout “Kitty!” 😉

  6. Man that cat was so beautiful, but I couldn’t get close enough to give him some lovin’ 🙁

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