Dec 282011

I am in the middle of my Christmas vacation.  Every year, the college closes down at the end of December for the holidays and the staff (including yours truly) gets time off.  Throw in the weekends, and that totals 11 days that I need to accomplish something or drive myself crazy bored.

You see, even though I desperately needed the time off, extended periods like this can make me go completely bonkers from inactivity.  I have to find my motivation and do something.

And what a better time to do Spring cleaning than at the start of Winter!

As the halfway mark of my vacation has approached, I have accomplished the following:

– De-ornamented the Christmas tree and vacuumed up 3,692 pine needles.  (The tree is now being used as starter tinder for the garage woodburner.  We recycle.)

– Created 2 dazzling necklaces and 1 pair of earrings.  (Yes, I said dazzling.)

– Semi-defrosted the freezer.  (It’s a long story.)

– Shredded bank statements/registers that date back to 2001.  (I have no excuse.)

– Succeeded in jamming the anti-jamming device in the shredder.  (I’m talented that way.)

– Spent 1 hour un-jamming the shredder with a tweezers.  (Cheap aggression therapy.)

– Cleaned out 2 drawers from my desk that harbored the bank statements/registers.  (Hey, I need the room for more junk I won’t use for 10 years.)

– Discovered the entry point of the House Mouse and his pals.  (Which has been a steady stream of catch and release since Friday.)

– Consumed 6,000 calories of sugary sweet goodness from Eva.  (And I don’t regret one single bite.)

Today I finish defrosting the freezer and take on the bedroom closet.

I’m such a party animal.

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  1. Hey, you go girl!!!! Need more fuel, let me know! I actually have some baking for the hubby I promised him , so i wont be done for a bit yet- just needed a breather before i jump back in, been catching up on the laundry i ignored while doing the baking, then its on to full cleaning the house here as well!

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  3. you can cross those off your list! the cookies look so fabulous! i am a ne follower from the hop..pls follow back if you can.

  4. The shredder is currently hiding from me.

  5. Thanks for stopping by and the follow!

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