Jan 262012

I’m not shy about getting the word out about important stuff.

Sure, maybe not as important as war, poverty or the presidential elections, but as a feel-good-help-out-if-you-can subject it ranks right up there.

You see that list of blogs on the right hand side of the page?  That is a list of some pretty awesome people.  They all have something to say (like yours truly), and they always have a pretty good story to tell.

Well, today I want to share one of these sites with you, Rurally Screwed.  Jessie Knadler is a terrific writer, Mother and wife who is holding down the fort while her husband is in Afghanistan.  And over the past few months, her faithful readers (which includes yours truly) have been following the adventures of a certain 4-legged friend that her husband has adopted in the Land Far Away who he named Solha.

Needless to say, this little lady has won the hearts of everyone who has read about her.

And she is coming to the states to live out her life far away from the war-torn country of Afghanistan after much red-tape and bureaucratic BS.

As you can probably guess, this is not going to be cheep.  The agency that is handling the process is run by civilians, and it relies on donations in order to survive.  Jessie has been able to set up a link on her site for donations to help deter some of the costs that she and her husband are having to pay to get this girl to her new home.

She’s not begging for anything.  Actually Jessie is doing something that her readers have asked her to do.  The commitment to help with this transportation was expressed months ago by many people, and now the time has come to make that real.

And I kept my promise and sent a donation.  It wasn’t huge, but it was what I could afford and I know that Jessie and her family, as well as Solha, are very grateful for that.

Tomorrow’s “important” thing may be the discovery of a 2 headed snowman or trolls living under my deck, but today it’s all about Solha and the promise of a new life.

UPDATE: In only a day and a half, over $2,800 was raised for Solha’s trip home to the states! Donations are closed for now, but if you want to continue to contributed to NOWZAD, the organization of the transport, visit www.rurallyscrewed.com for a link to do so.

You guys rock!!


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  1. This is lovely Sandy! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. What wonderful news! I will have to start following her as well. The men and women who opt to do this are Godsends to these animals!

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