Feb 262011

It’s that time of year again.

When the seed companies start filling my mailbox with tantalizing ideas for my gardens.

I hate them.

Don’t they know that I crave to get out and play in the dirt?

Don’t they know that I have been cooped up in the house for the last 4 months, dreaming about warm sunshine?

Don’t they know that I still have 3 more agonizing months before I can even consider putting my garden it?

Of course they do!

If you think that these are the only catalogs I’ve received since the beginning of January, you are sadly mistaken.  I think that I am on every list there is of companies that provide any type of gardening product there is.

Unfortunately, the only catalog that I have ever ordered from is Gardener’s Supply Company.  And I have have done that online.  Good products, good price.

Don’t get me wrong, these other companies have great products, but I prefer to buy my seeds and plants locally.  I have my “dealer” that provides a spectacular array of plants that are grown without chemicals, so I feel quite happy putting them in the ground knowing that they will grow in my area.

One thing that these catalogs do provide me are great ideas of what I would like to put in my garden.  Unfortunately, since I technically live in Zone 4, a lot of the products that I drool over are not suited for my area.  So I have my local connections to find similar plants.  And since I do not have a large area to grow everything that I want, I get the word out for veggies that I am looking for in the event that others have an over abundance when harvest comes around.

Almost March.  Days are getting longer, and will start getting warmer.

It’s almost Sugarbush, and when that happens, you know that planting season is right around the corner.

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  1. Sugar bush…means more syrup?! 😉 <3 you and Daddy!!!

  2. Yep, more syrup! I was looking back at old pictures from past years doing this, and boy did I look tired! Love you too sweetie.

  3. Yes, Sugarbush is around the corner, as soon as the daytime highs stay up past 40 enough days….Roy Boy too is looking forward to it! As I am chomping at the bit to go out and play in dirt!! Would you be willing to share your local hook ups for plants that are for this area, because I am forever running into the same dilemma- beautiful plants that are unsuited for soil, climate or both!

  4. Rolling Wood Nursery outside of Stone Lake is the absolute best that I have found around here! Great prices and service. Check them out this year!

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