Jun 242013

Holy cats have things been going fast and furious on the studio building.  With Rick’s talents and my imagination that building is really looking special.

Weekend before last was dedicated to getting some stairs put in.  Since there is limited space as to where to put them and what type to have, I had to get on the interwebs and find ideas that would suit our needs.

I showed Rick a fairly simple design that I had total faith that he could create, and of course he came through like the Knight in Shining Armor that he is.


Using materials that were just hanging around the garage doing nothing worth bragging about Rick quickly had the risers cut (I think that’s what they’re called) and started routering out the notches for the steps.


I had no idea of how this was going to come together and I didn’t for one minute doubt that the man knew what he was doing, so I left him alone to putz on other mindless weekend stuff so I wouldn’t interrupt him.


No thumbs were beaten with hammers during this process.


Many hours later we had… stairs!

I think people 6 miles away heard me scream with delight!

Are they fancy?  No.

Are they functional?  Yes.


Are they exactly what I wanted?  Hell yes!!

Thinking that since he’s spent most of the day on that one project, he’d put everything away and call it a day.

Ummm… notsomuch.


Apparently the man was on a mission, because before I knew it he had the railing all cut and put together for the loft.

We hauled that bad boy into the building, trudged up our respectable stairs/ladder and secured it in place.


I took a step back and grinned ear to ear.  If you though I was excited when the framing went up last fall, that was nothing compared to what I was feeling at that moment.


Have I mentioned how much I love this man?


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  1. Looking great! Can’t wait to see it when we come up next!! Dad’s a super guy!

  2. See it, that’s where your camping………..lol

  3. Go Daddy!!! Looks great! Just like how he fashioned mine and Colie’s playhouse in Martell! Total super-craftsman. Maybe when we are able to come up, (besides Duluth on Thursday) Dad can show Erik how to do some sawing?! 😉 <3 you guys!!!!!

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