Jul 302011

My oldest daughter, Christine, gets married in less than a month (eek!) and today her Maid of Honor threw her a Bridal Shower.

And if I do say so myself, it was perhaps the best event that I have ever attended!

Christine looks pretty happy about it too.

Or else she is just waiting to dig into all the wonderful grub that was being prepared for the 30+ guests.

What Bridal Shower isn’t complete without a chocolate fountain with all the goodies, as well as mini cheesecakes.

Or Pickle Wraps.

Never heard of them, you say?  Dang, do I ever feel sorry for you. *NUMMY*

Mimosa?  Don’t mind if I do.

I have to be honest here, I’ve never had one (and I’m not a huge fan of Champagne), but it wasn’t half bad!

And I didn’t even get pictures of the rest of the food (meats, cheeses, salads, rolls, chips) that took up the whole kitchen!

After everyone ate and filled a scrapbook with personal wishes and words of wisdom, it was down to the really hard part…

…opening up the gifts.

Here is where I really need a wide angle lens for my camera, because there were twice as many as I could fit into the shot (Wow!).

But first, it was time for the Bride-to-Be to give out her gifts to the wonderful women that will be standing up for her on her special day.

And there was even one for the Mama.  I think she was trying to get me to cry (you never know when one of us will be sneaky like that).

The girls got beautiful bracelets and I received a Wind Chime with a huge piece of Jade on the end (don’t worry Rick, I won’t put it anywhere that you will hear it when you are trying to sleep.), as well as a coin that was inscribed with a beautiful message to me (told you she was trying to make me cry).

So naturally, the future bride needs to look the part while she opens up her gifts (complements of yours truly).  I couldn’t resist, really… I mean, it looked so pretty wrapped around a present that I couldn’t just toss it aside!

This girl was given some of the best gifts I have ever seen.  Today’s theme seemed to be kitchen appliances and utensils (for her awesome cooking skills):  knives, skillet, coffee maker, gadgets, glassware… you name it, she got it.

And Erik’s Grandma Lee had a little extra special gift for her!

But there was still one more surprise in store for this young lady.  Her bridesmaids thought up a little game for her, and unwittingly involved her future husband into it.  They sent him a list of questions ala “How well do you know your future wife.”

It also involved gum.  There were 23 questions that were asked of Erik about Christine, and she had to guess his answers.  If she guessed wrong, she had to chew a piece of gum.  Let me explain a little better:  she had to add another piece of gum to her mouth when she was wrong.  After the 5th piece, the girls were feeling sorry for her and started splitting the pieces in half.  I think the house was shaking from all the laughter!

Grand total:  9 pieces of Bubble Yum in her mouth!

But Christine was a great sport about the whole thing, although I think that Erik may be in a tad bit of trouble…

Again, thank you Judy for being the Hostess with the Mostess!  Christine is so fortunate to have you has her Mother-in-Law.  You truly are a remarkable woman.

Chris, it was such a wonderful day!  I was so happy to meet all of your friends (and finally got to meet Grandma Lee!).

Now the countdown begins to August 27th!

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  1. Only 9 pieces of gum? LOL…..
    Gotta be a one-liner in there somewhere………..LOL

  2. Like I said, they had pity on Christine and started halving them, or else it would have been MUCH worse! She didn’t know that she was supposed to THINK like Erik LOL!!

  3. The gum almost made me vomit, I felt like a flippin baseball player! And thank you again, Mom, for coming down and sharing the day with me!!! <3 <3 <3

  4. Well, at least they gave you a spit cup in case you needed it 😉 It was a great time, and I’m glad that I could be there!

  5. You are so beautiful,and I am VERY proud. Looks like you had a great time. See you soon.
    Bet you won’t look for another piece of gum for a long time.

  6. Great pictures Sandy. I am thrilled that you were able to make it!

  7. Thanks Judy! From the pictures you posted on FB, looks like everyone had a blast last night 😉

  8. What a beautiful looking party kiddo! I almost ‘OMG’d myself to death looking at all that food! I am very excited to meet ‘him’ (said in a stern U.D. voice) and see you and everyone again.

    Love you and proud of you kiddo.


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