Mar 192011

But within those walls lives 56 years of memories.

Many people said their final farewells to the Patriarch of this home today.

Many tears were shed.

Many stories were shared.

And the memories… oh the wonderful memories… those will never be forgotten.

I look at this house and remember the wonderful garden that was grown out back.   The smell of the popovers that were baked in the kitchen.  Two young girls that used to spend summers together in that house.  But the best thing that I remember is the love that was there.

You can’t see those things just by looking at this house.

In fact, there doesn’t seem to be anything on the outside that tells you about what was on the inside.

But the more I look at this house, the more it seems to have a character all its own.

And I happen to notice the door on the second floor leading to… nowhere.  I don’t think that I have ever noticed that before.

Strange how you can look at things over and over and never notice something that seems to be out of place.

But I guess that just added to the character and beauty that this house had, and the people that lived there.

Having them no longer with us is something that will definitely be out of place.

And very noticeable.

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  1. They both are missed very much. It’s still hard to believe, but like Laurie and Karen said today, they are now walking together again.

  2. I agree with Colie. And one of my renewed memories is bringing the crib out of their house so I would have one for Brayden. That crib had seen a lot of generations, and I’m proud that our children were able to be part of that. And you know what else? I never noticed that door either!

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