Mar 202012

Well, today’s post didn’t exactly work out like I’d planned.

I wanted to regale you with how happy I was to have received my plant seeds in the mail and how I got to use one of Rick’s power tools to drill holes into all of the cans I was saving to start my seeds in.

It was going to be magnificent, I tell ya.

Instead, I am using my laptop to write this because I’m running some super duper software on my main computer because I have a nasty virus on it.

And that is the computer where I store all my pictures, including the ones that I was going to use for my magnificent post.  (Pictures = excitement!)

So instead, I will just wish you a Happy First Day of Spring.

With a picture*, of course.


*Courtesy of (notmyfriend) Google


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  1. Virus, yuck! Happy spring to you too! Google is my best friend.

  2. Sorry your puter has a case of the icky’s! Hope it’s better soon so we can see the bootiful pics ya got 🙂 Happy Spring to you as well and thanks for the chat last night. Love you much!

  3. Google and I have relationship issues when it comes to GFC, so we’re having a little spat at the moment, but I still use it (just don’t let it know, OK?).

  4. The computer guru had some software that I used and it kicked the virus right out. Loves backatcha!

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