Apr 182011

A month ago I made a decision. (Seems like I’m having to do a lot of this lately.)

Only this decision was not earth shattering, did not require a whole lot of thought, nor did it require a pros and cons list.

This decision was strictly one of my own personal choice, and one that would be for the good of saving money.

Because with the way the economy is currently swirling down the turlet, that penny that I save may be worth something someday.

There is only one downside:  it requires a list.

Raise your hand if you remember why I use lists.

But for this challenge to work, I am not only resigned to making and using them,  I am also requiring myself to stick to them.

My Mondays off are my shopping days, specifically groceries and the occasional non-food items that are needed around the house.  (OK, maybe a little something for myself too.)  One day the light bulb above my head went on and I realized how much money I was wasting by running to town every week.  It’s just Rick & I (and the cats), so it’s not like I’m still feeding a houseful of kids anymore.

So from now own, the jaunt to town will occur biweekly.

I also resurrected the ever-popular “hang on the outside of the refrigerator grocery list.”  This way even Rick can add something to it when he notices we are low/out of something.

The biggest part of this challenge is going to be curtailing from the impulse items.  You know the ones:  the pasta we really don’t need but is too good of a buy to pass up; the package of doughnuts at the bakery that just screams to me because I didn’t eat anything before I left home.  Never a good thing to shop on an empty stomach.

There is an exception to the “only buy what is on the list” rule.  If I see an item that I know we are low on or out of, but forgot to put it on the list (hey, it happens), it may be purchased.  BUT, I must also bare my indiscretion to you, my friends, and justify said purchase(s).  You will can then condemn or approve as you see fit.

Sounds fun, don’t it?

OK, I’ve scoured the local sales flyers and made my list.  Time to head to town.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck Ma! I have the same problem 🙂 Wonder where I get it?

  2. Ummm… hey, that’s a trick question!

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