Apr 172013

While you’re all probably sick of hearing me lament about my Mom’s recipe collection, I’m afraid there simply isn’t anything else to report on since Winter keeps hanging on in the Northwoods, and until it releases us from it’s icy tentacles and I can drone on mercilessly about planting seeds and cursing the squirrels for digging up my flower bulbs, you gets what you gets.

So with that being said, I’m going to share with you the story of the mistaken recipe.

Well, not mistaken so much as a mistake.

While rifling through the mounds of culinary masterpieces strewn all over my table looking for personal favorites from the youth, I happened upon one dish that looked very familiar.  I remember Mom making this dish, and could even see it in my minds’ eye, but something just seemed off about it.  But despite my misgivings and unable to find another that would disprove my feelings, I put it into the “keep and try” pile and moved on.

Then came the day to pick one from the pile, and wouldn’t you know the first one I grabbed was that same recipe that seemed off, but I thought “What the hell, let’s give ‘er a try!

Pizza Casserole

Let me tell you, when I threw all of these ingredients together I just knew that I had the wrong recipe.  But, not having anything else to go with and having the dish already prepared there was no turning back.

But still I had this nagging feeling that I had a different version somewhere (and when I get those nagging feelings I don’t give up searching until I find what I’m after!).

Pizza Hot Dish

So I rummaged though my “basket-o-recipes” (which, by the way, is surprisingly similar to my Mom’s method of recipe filing) and low and behold there it was.  And in my Mom’s own handwriting no less!!

Unfortunately, the mistaken recipe was doing its requisite time in the fridge by now before it’s trip to the oven, so there was no chance in changing teams mid-game.

So, does this story have a happy ending?

Pizza Casserole

I am happy to say… yes!

While I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about how the noodles would turn out and that I may have had too much pizza sauce, the overall finished product was delicious.

Moral of the story:  Just because it wasn’t the recipe I was looking for doesn’t mean it can’t turn out to be just as good.

After all, it did come from Mom’s collection, so I shouldn’t have been surprised.


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  1. Aw yay! Happy ending! Sounds nummy btw 🙂

  2. It was very good!

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