Jan 092012

It has been a little less aggravating on the homestead this winter when it comes to the squirrels.

Since the introduction of the Squirrel Buster, they have all but given up their fight to squander all of the sunflower seeds that are intended for my fine feathered friends during the colder months.

Yes, yes they have tried to break the unbreakable, but I think they have grown tired of their efforts and are now leaving the feeders (yes, I have 2 now) alone.

But I have to say, I kinda miss their antics around the feeders (simple pleasures and all).

So when Chris came for a visit last fall, she brought with her a little devise that she used to entertain her cat.

Looks kinda medieval, eh?  *insert evil laugh*

Rest assured, it is not.  Screw on a cob of corn, hang it from a tree branch, and let the fun begin!  The critters grab the corn and go boingy boingy boingy *insert another evil laugh*

Rick wasn’t impressed with my original placement of the devise, so he chose a different tree and a different branch.  So instead of it gently dangling 2 feet off the ground, it is now 15 feet off the ground.

Needless to say, I haven’t had to change the corn cob in 3 weeks because the squirrels can’t get to it!

An upside to this placement is that the deer can’t reach it either.

Actually, I don’t much care if a few Bambie’s have a little snack.

I want to see bouncing squirrels.

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  1. We had it five feet or so off the ground, I believe.

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