Sep 112011

The past few days have given us a taste of fall in the Northwoods.  Even though there are 2 weeks left of summer (officially confirmed by my calendar), the days and nights have been a tad on the cool side.

I even received notice from Patty (who lives just 6 hours north of us in Canada) that the leaves are starting to change in her area.

This means that I will soon be hanging out the bird feeders and the suet.

It also means that the squirrels will be descending upon the homestead in full force.

Not as if they haven’t been around all summer long anyway.

I see you snaking around the trees.

Grabbing whatever you can from the yard to nibble on.

I didn’t even realize we had pine cones.

With all the summer rains, our lawn is a mushroom haven.

I’ve even happened upon your visits with Thor.

Well, this year you’d better behave.

Remember, I’ve got a BB gun now and I haven’t had fresh squirrel in years.

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  1. Love the pictures! The ones with the pinecone and mushroom are kinda cute, makes you forget they are evil with feed.

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