Dec 092011

Playing cards run in the Rooney blood.  I have witnessed this first hand.  Anytime you get more than 4 of them together, you can guarantee that there will be a card game of some sorts going on.

And they are hard core when it comes to cards.  Money is usually involved.  Every man/woman for themselves.

Fact:  There was a card game in full swing at our wedding reception.

So I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised when I entered the kitchen when Nichole and the girls were visiting to discover a card game in full swing.

Only this time there was only one adult involved.

Turns out that Rick had combined “Go Fish” with Gin Rummy.  Fish Rummy?

The only thing missing were the betting chips.  If we had any, you know they would have been used.

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  1. I thought it was so cute, Dad had forgotten the rules for Go Fish, but he doesn’t forget Rummy 500, so he had to combine them lol The girls were all sorts of confused… It was too funny.

  2. There you go Sandy, a bunch of gift ideas for Rick this Christmas- including a guide to all the different card games and the rules! We have been trying to remember how to play Gin so we could teach the kids, but cant remember everything for that one either!

  3. I’ve thought of that, Eva 😉

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