May 012012

You know the weather is warming up in the Northwoods when the insects come out of hibernation.

We’ve already had the ants make their appearance in the kitchen.  First it was the big black ones scouting out the territory, and apparently they report back to the teeny tiny sugar ants that aren’t necessarily looking for sugar.  Leave an itsy bitsy piece of anything that resembles food on the counter, and they’ll come a-runnin’.

It’s also customary this time of year to see a big black mutant form of mosquito descending en mass around these parts.  These suckers were thick this past weekend and found a nice warm spot inside my greenhouse.  They didn’t sting or bite, but they sure got into your hair and clothes enough to make them a nuisance.

I should know by now that I should always have my camera on me when I’m outside.  I  missed the photo op of the century when Rick saw a pair of eagles soaring over the property.  They were performing a beautiful circular dance that took my breath away.  But by the time I went in the house to get my camera and come back outside, they were behind the trees and heading North toward the lake.  I guess I just get to keep that picture to myself in my mental photo album.

As much as I’m in awe when I see the eagles, I’m just as happy when I find bees in my flower gardens.  This cute little bumble bee was flitting from blossom to blossom so fast that I had a hard time getting his picture (I was beginning to think he was camera shy).

This little dude was hanging out on a Daffodil, taking in some sun.  Unlike the bee, he let me snap as many pictures as I wanted.  I think we bonded.

This moth had the same idea as the bumble bee.  She was busy getting her pollen fix before pickens got slim.  Even though you can’t see it here, she was a beautiful shade of light violet and I wanted to hang out with her the rest of the day.  Unfortunately, she had a dinner date, so I took a rain check.

It was a wonderful weekend to spend outdoors and just relax with nature, because soon enough the tourists and seasonal dwellers will descend on our quite little haven and bring with them their big city noise and toys.

I think they should leave those things at home and spend time with some cool bugs.  You’d be amazed at who you get to hang out with.


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  1. Wow, those are some great shots!!!

  2. Thanks Char! I just love my bugs 🙂

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