Oct 122011

Well, I finally did it.

After hemming and hawing about not getting the attic of the garage straightened out for the last 2 years, I finally did it.

Yep, I got up the gumption on Sunday and tackled the mess.  I was on a mission.

4 hours later I had boxes neatly stacked and organized.  I even set up the old kitchen table and made a nice little spot so I could start making jewelry again.

I missed doing this.  I used to make all my own jewelry at my store.  I was even gaining a reputation for fixing other stuff that people would bring in.

I like making simple things:  necklaces and earrings.  I’m self-taught, so therein lies the reason for simple.

I got right down to work and whipped out 4 necklaces in a couple hours.  My creativity was flowing like the Mississippi River at flood stage.  But everything came to a halt when I had to come back in the house and make supper. By the time I got done eating, I was too pooped to head back up there, so since I had Monday off of work, I decided what a better way to spend it that relaxing with gemstones.

Another 5 necklaces on Monday and I was ready to take pictures and find a place on this here site to share them with y’all.  Unfortunately, the lighting in the attic sucks, so I thought I’d bring them outdoors for a little “natural” light.

Yeah, that sucked too (or maybe it was just my lousy camera skills).

So against my better judgment, I brought them in the house to test out the kitchen ambience.

It wasn’t going too bad until Thor decided to check out what I was doing and lay down smack dab on top of a necklace and the black material I was using as a background.

Do you know what cat fur does to any kind of material?  Yeah, and this cat sheds so much I could make a whole new one every time I brush him.

The rest of the pictures turned out with fur all over the place. This is the reason I cleaned the attic – to find a little spot where the furballs wouldn’t decide that they needed to lay on/eat/play with the materials.

Oh well, back to the attic to see if I can work with the lighting I have and different background materials.  Wish me luck.

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  1. You did a spectacular job with that garage attic! Now, um….wanna help me with the downstairs part….I mean your just really good at it…….LOL Love ya darling!

  2. Sorry honey, the Man Cave is all yours 😉

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