Jul 232011

Yep, we went to another auction.  Seems that Rick was put on an email list at the last one, so he gets updates from the auction service.  To me, this is like dangling a carrot in front of the horse.

And this weekend they have 2 located in our area with an assortment of products sure to pique his interest.  Naturally, he wants me to go with, and being the loving wife that I am, I agreed to Saturday, but not Sunday because I have to get my normal weekend crap done (read:  laundry).  The day started off with thunderstorms that required a trip to Wally World to purchase an umbrella (remember, I melt), because stupid me forgot mine one at work.  With this completed, our next task was finding the auction itself.

The thing about auctions is, you never really know where they are being held.  I mean, if the information lists 4 million items and states that it is a “sample” list and “look for the signs,” it could be anywhere.  Today’s was kinda ironic for Rick and I, as it was located at a type of place that has a certain following on TV.  Rick introduced me to this TV show the other night, so I’ll give you a couple hints.

This should be a dead giveaway.

There, I’ve basically told you the name right there.

If you haven’t guessed, it’s Storage Wars, and I have to admit that I quite like the show, and may have giggled a little as we pulled into the parking lot.  Actually, I think I said “You’re kidding me.”  Maybe.

As it turned out, we were not bidding on junk that had been stored in lockers since the beginning of time by hoarders that ran out of space, rather this was stuff carted up here from Chicago that belonged to a gentleman who inherited 2 housefuls worth of possessions from his Aunt.  Why they sold it up here is a mystery to me, and I didn’t have the nerve to ask.

I must say, there was a lot of nice stuff here that went for very cheap.  If we had a bigger house, I most definitely would have snatched up a pristine hutch that sold for less than $200.  But since I am not one to waste money on something that I can’t use at the time just because it is a good bargain, I just watched some other lucky soul cart off those treasures.

What really attracts my attention are antiques.  I love ’em!  Especially anything made out of wood.

Like this old apple press.  It may not look like much to the average Joe, but to me there is quality craftsmanship in this baby.  Did we buy it?  No.

This old stove also caught my eye.  Heavy-duty, still functional.  Did we buy it?  No.

Waterford Crystal.  This stuff was gorgeous, and there were 2 full tables of it, plus more in boxes.  Did we buy any?  Hell no, we left before they even got to this stuff (thank goodness).

But don’t think that we left empty-handed, because we didn’t. Lots of odds and ends that we can use, like lanterns for the yard, another old-fashioned washtub for ricing, a brand new cordless drill that they practically gave away and some more copper kitchenware to add to our collection started by our dear friend Starr.

There was really only one piece that I wanted, but Rick ended up buying all this for $20.  Most of it is solid copper and every piece is usable.  Who knows if I’ll ever use any of it, but it sure does look pretty on top of my cupboards.

After 6 hours, they still had more to go, but we were done.  Time to pay up.  Rick came away from the cashier with a smile on his face, because even though the car was full, we didn’t break the bank.  The grand total was less than $100.

Today’s big winner:  Rick came away with $1,000 worth of surround sound speakers for $25.  He even got 4 stands for little or nothing.

There is still another auction tomorrow that Rick wants to go to, and if I get my chores done tonight, I might join him.  We’ll see.  He’s out in the garage cleaning.  I’m not sure if that means he’s making room for tomorrow’s treasures or not.

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  1. Nice haul! A full car for under $100, nice! Can’t wait to see Dad’s speakers and your copper stuff, it looks great on the cupboards.

  2. Dad did the placements… I think he did an awesome job!

  3. Score! I love all the copper and it looks great up there!

  4. You know…Waterford Crystal…wedding coming up….hint hint… heehee J/~sandyrooney~sandyrooney~sandyrooney~sandyrooneyk That copper looks AWESOME! Glad you didn’t melt and had a good time!

  5. I would have rolled my eyes and looked for the Candid Camera if I pulled up to the storage unit. I can’t believe you got all that copper for so cheap. I am *so* jealous of all those antiques & Waterford! Right up my alley.

  6. You should have seen the treasures at the auction today, Kirsten!

  7. We found out today how 2 people took all the crystal for little or nothing. I feel sorry for the guy that inherited it.

  8. Oh wow, no kidding!

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