Feb 072013

Now that January is finally behind us, I might start to get out of this funk I’m in.

As the one or two people who actually read this blog may have noticed, my posts have been a little scarce lately.  January was a bummer of a month, first with losing our baby girl Calie and then the bitter cold came for an unwelcome visit and wouldn’t leave.

It really tests a persons resolve.  But I don’t like tests, so instead I go on a mental vacation.

I’ve been immersing myself in my Kindle and baking, and of course spending lots of time with Thor.  He’s been my constant shadow the last few weeks, leaving my side only when absolutely necessary.

Heck, half of this post was typed with one hand while I cuddled him with the other.

But February is a month of transition to longer days and (hopefully) warmer weather, with the distinct possibility that we will get a butt load of snow.

And maybe by the time March rolls around I’ll get some creativity back, because that will be the month that I’ll get my seeds for the garden and can plan all the wonderful foodies that I can grow.

So thank you for baring with me, and if inspiration smacks me when I vacuum the living room or scrub the toilet I’ll greet it with a great big hug and refuse to let it go.

I may even bake it some doughnuts.


In more exciting news, we have another granddaughter getting older by the minute.


Paige turns the big 11 today, getting oh-so-close to the teenage years.

Actually, I think that 11 is considered tween (please correct me if I’m wrong).

I don’t think we had the word “tween” when I was young.  But of course we didn’t have a lot of things when I was young.

I’ll save the rantings on that subject for another time.

So Happy Birthday Paige!  I hope that you have a beautiful day and the year ahead gives you many wonderful memories and adventures.

Grandma & Grandpa love you very much!!


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  1. I know what you mean, Sandy. I’m quickly approaching the big six-oh, and I’ve starting to question just about everything I have (or haven’t) accomplished.

    Thor has become your shadow because he’s missing Calie right now. Kitties grieve just like humans do.

    Spring’s not far away!

    Peace, Love, and Purrs…
    Tony & Cranberry

  2. Happy 11th birthay to Paige!!!! Love, Auntie Chris & Uncle Erik!!

  3. I’m sure that you mean by “quickly approaching” is in another 20 years Tony!

    Happiness and kitty snuggles to you and Cranberry =^.^=

  4. Ummm…I wish! Try this June, as in 4 months from now!

  5. Happy Birthday Paige!

  6. Hang in there, Sandy, Sounds like Seasonal Affective Disorder to me. Couple more months, and you will be feeling much better! With the advent of spring, there will be wonderful surprises in nature!

    Happy Birthday, little cousin Paige! Yes, I believe 11 is a “tween,” and no, we never had such things back in the old days. 11 also brings those hormonal changes, when sweet little girls turn into creatures you want to lock in the attic until they are 25. I hope you escape this malady!

  7. Can’t wait for Spring and all those surprises. Thanks Laurie!!

    And as a Grandma, I can leave all those hormonal changes to her parents. I did my duty with my own kids 😉

  8. My own will be a “tween” in a couple of weeks, Laurie. Needless to say, i feel better about having a boy, but he has already descended into the, “geez, Mom, I’m fine!” stage! Bah!

  9. Ha! Yeah, she’s already experiencing the changes. It’s not a fun time, lemme tell ya what! And we have 2 more girls to go through with it. Rar.

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