Aug 082013

Thursday is usually known for being a “good” day because it comes before Friday which many rejoice for because of the end of a workweek and the beginning of 2 days of either loafing off or trying to cram 26 days of chores into 48 hours.

This Thursday has special meaning because of two reasons:


1.  It is this marvelous man’s birthday; and

2.  We found out that the tonsil that was removed from his throat last week was where the cancer was located.

You don’t know how hard I had to fight not to do a fist pump in the Doctor’s office when he gave us the news.  Instead I breathed a sigh of relief and did a happy dance inside.

Now the fun part begins:  Treatment.

And that will start next week with visits to not one, but two oncologists that will plan out how much radiation treatment there will be and if it will also involve chemotherapy.

And sandwiched in between those funfests is a cast change from the cadillac he wears right now to a more compact model.

There is still some rough road ahead, but the news is good and that is all we could hope for.


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  1. Awesome news, Sandy!!! WHOHOOOO!

  2. Yes it was Dee!

  3. Woot woot! I think I scared the kids when you told me! I started downright bawling with joy. Perfect birthday present for Dad this year. Happy birthday Papa, we love you so much!!!

  4. He had Chili and a Root Beer Float after the appointment, which made him very happy 🙂

  5. Sandy that is such great news! So happy for you both!! Continuous prayers & well wishes for you both!

  6. Wonderful news, Sandy, I am so happy for you both! Happy Birthday, Rick!

  7. Happy Birthday Rick! And congratulations on the awesome news, what a great gift for you both!

  8. Thanks All!

  9. Happy Happy Birthday Big Brother! so so happy for the news now put on them gloves and give it the old one two! Love you. Mona

  10. Captcha sure puttin up some tough problems…lol A tonsil? What a shame, gee I still have mine, maybe I better have them taken out? How is Rick doing? How are you doing? Keep in touch, 715-558-4290 any time, don’t hesitate to call if you need help, remember that now my friends, Sending lots of Love and big Hugs to you both, Cindy and Troy

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