Jul 202011

So how much rain did we get from the storm on Sunday?

I’m not sure, but it was enough to flood the northern part of our property.  And when I took a good look at it, it dawned on me that this could work out just perfectly as our own little lake.

Looks like that pallet is in just the right place to serve as a dock.

And we certainly have the boats necessary to get around.

Oh!  My garden boxes work out just perfectly for the islands.

Hmmm… it would sure cut down on my mowing time.

  4 Responses to “Welcome to Rooney Lake”

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  1. Too cute! I love the idea of your “islands”, they make it perfect 🙂

  2. You otta see the tomato plants today….over 5′ tall and covered in tomato’s.
    I sure do love these rain storms we’ve been getting. Oh and the heat is a blessing
    too! Just remember, in 3 short months we could have snow………..LOL

  3. NOT the “S” word!!!

  4. Chris is correct. The “S” word is not allowed until November 1st. But yes, the tomatoes look marvelous!!

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