Apr 112011

On Saturday, Rick chose to set up the equipment to boil sap inside my rock garden.  It made sense since there were some trees that were close together that we could use to anchor a tarp in case of rain.

We have a table and chairs set up there so we can enjoy the warmer seasons of the year in our own little corner of the northwoods.

I have several varieties of plants and flowers in this garden, and each one will bloom at a different time of year.

So I was poking around while tending my fires on that day and lo and behold, lookie what I found.

Do you see them?

3 little clusters of flowers were poking their heads up.

These are my Naked Ladies (Amaryllis belladonna) telling me that Spring was officially here!

I love these flowers because they are so unique (well, to me anyway).

In late spring, their leaves will die back to the bulb.  Then in mid-summer and fall the bulb will produce 4-inch clusters of  flowers.

Aren’t they pretty? (photo courtesy of Google Images).

It’s little things like this that bring a smile to my face.

Usually my crocuses are the first to bloom, but up until this last weekend, they were still covered under 6 inches of snow.

So I will be patiently waiting and watching for those outside my window.

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  1. Aw yay! The first sign of life, love it! I was checking on our raspberries, and found several babies coming up next to the big ones! Well, I thought I found more than I actually did, I weeded around the red ones, and we found out today that some of the ones I thought were baby red raspberry bushes are looking more like burning nettle instead, so this weekend they will be pulled! The baby yellow raspberries are easier to tell, the leaves are nice and yellow lol

  2. I checked on our raspberry bushes today and have 10 that made it through the winter (at least I think they did… will wait for buds to be sure). I still have the heavy mulch around them until I am sure that the weather is safe. Hate burning nettle… that is one plant that I have not had up here!

  3. Are those all the ones we brought up? I thought only a couple of them survived? But yay anyways! 🙂

  4. Just one of yours survived… I think. The others were from a friend of mine, and I think I even lost a couple of those over the winter. But hey, I’m happy with the end result. They will multiply!

  5. I checked our hops yesterday and it’s starting to get buds on the parts that I cut down…hopefully they will bloom this year and I can use them in the wedding!

  6. That would be cool!

  7. Indeedy!

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