Feb 292012

On Tuesday, we (as in everybody at work and half of the state of Wisconsin) had been keeping a close eye on the fantastic snowstorm that was allegedly heading our way.

We’ve all been psyched out before by hype from the weather gods of astronomical amounts of the white stuff that never happened, so we had good reason to be a tad skeptical.

But deep down inside, my colleagues and I were doing tiny prayers to the Chione* because we need the moisture.  And, we wanted a snow day from work.

At precisely 5:28 pm I looked at the radar.  A huge mass of snow was getting close, only 20 miles south and headed our way.  It’s the sort of anticipation you get at Christmas:  the present is right there under the tree, but you’re not allowed to touch it.

Well, I want my present now, damn it!  I want a snow day!

But I had to be patient.  I just knew that the weather gods weren’t going to be wrong this time.  There was just too big of a moisture glob on the radar for it to decide to change paths and tease us like that (it’s happened before).

5:41 pm:  It’s getting closer.  Those snowy tentacles reach the southern boundary of the Rez 10 miles away. The present with it’s shiny wrapping paper and beautiful bow is slowly making it’s way to me.

6:38 pm:  The first snowflakes have begun to fall (took long enough!).  The present is in my lap and I’m ready to rip the wrapping off.  But I can’t… patience Sandy, patience.

9:22 pm:  It looks like we’ve had less than an inch so far, but when I look at the radar, there’s some heavy duty stuff moving our way. I gaze at the present before me and slowly remove the bow.

3:52 am:  As I make my early morning trip to the bathroom, I flip on the outside light to see what Chione has blessed us with.  Through bleary eyes I estimate 6 inches of snow on the deck.  And the wind is blowing like crazy (added bonus).  My fingers start peeling back the tape holding the wrapping paper in place.

5:41 am:  The official email has been received:  we have a snow day!  Wrapping paper goes flying and I feel like I’ve received the best present in the world!

The weather gods have pulled through with their promise and earned a high five from the faculty & staff (and the students, I’m sure) at LCOOCC.

However, I don’t think that Rick is as happy about this as I am.  Even though he also gets the day off, he still gets the chore of removing all of the white stuff from our driveway.  Probably twice because it’s still coming down and we’re supposed to get another 6 to 10 inches of the stuff today.

I think I’ll make him some espresso.  And maybe some burgers for supper.  With homemade buns.  That might cheer him up.


*Greek goddess of snow


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  1. Lucky you! You deserve it though, but we had to drive in it this morning. Ew. Ishy slushy icy stuff. Blech.

  2. Thought about you guys driving in this stuff today and hoping everything was OK 🙂

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