Aug 172011

Our next home improvement project is remodeling the bathroom.

Actually, remodeling is not exactly the word that I should have used.  Finishing the bathroom would be more accurate.  Yes, I like that much better.  We have been in this house for 10 years and have never completed the bathroom.

No, it’s fully functional, and isn’t atrocious, but there are still walls that haven’t been painted staring at me like a sore thumb every time I enter it. For. The Last. 10. Years.

But I never complained.  Nope, not one bit.  But when we finished the kitchen this year and Rick wanted to move onto another part of the house, I did slip in a couple hints that I would like this room to be next.  And he gave in agreed.

Instead of simply finishing the sheetrock and painting that needs to be done (that would be too easy, ya know), Rick wants to completely redo the bathroom – new vanity, shower, shelving – the whole shebang.

So for the past month, Rick has been looking at new showers that would be the piece de resistance.  And let me tell you, he has found some doozies!

This one just happened to be featured in the email that I received from him at 12:04 am Tuesday.  Yep, he was up past midnight looking at showers.  He’s definitely on a mission.

This sucker has everything a person would want:

  • Foot massage
  • Fluorescent Mood Lighting
  • Rainfall Ceiling Shower
  • Hands Free Telephone

Yes, you read that right… a hands free telephone.  Yeah, like I’m gonna want to answer the frickin phone while I’m in the shower.  That is the only room where I can get away from the phone and not feel guilty about it!

I’m surprised that they didn’t have a television in the stupid thing.

Oh wait, Rick just told me that he found one that did.

We could be in real trouble here folks.

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  1. I could so deal with that foot massage part of the shower lol And trust Dad to find something like this! I’d like to see the one he found with a TV 🙂


  3. Ok, here is the one with t.v.:


    I kinda like the idea of answering the phone in the shower. Kinda like an old fashioned phone booth only raining inside lol More than likely settle for one with just radio or at least built in speakers……..give singing in the rain new meaning…LOL

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