Jan 052012

Seriously, if you freeze a lot of food like I do, you need one of these.

If I had know that this was quite possibly the best thing next to sliced bread, I would have bought one years ago.  But I don’t buy myself luxury items.  That would be silly.

Instead, I casually mentioned the appliance to Nichole sometime last year, thinking nothing of it. Well, as you can tell, the girl spoils her Mama, and got me one for Christmas.

Yes, they are a little pricey (which is the reason I didn’t buy one for myself), but I know now that it would have payed for itself in the long run when I didn’t have to throw out unidentifiable food that has met the cold death of freezer burn.

When I first used it, I was like “Oh My Gawd, this is fabulous!”  I may have even giggled.  OK, I giggled.  A lot.

Watching it suck all the air out of the bag and seal it?  You can see my smile, right?  This is my new bestest friend kitchen gadget.  We are going places, I tell ya.

Well, I’m off to find more things to use this on.



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  1. You’re welcome Mama! I’m glad you like it, I can totally picture you giggling 🙂

  2. I was like a kid in a candy store!

  3. You know, I have seen these, thought about it, and also figured, ok, its a want, not a need- but somehow, I now see one of these in my future- I freeze a LOT of food! And dont feel the least bit bad over the giggling, I can already hear myself…..and the husbands look on his face as I giggle!

  4. I always saw it as a “want” item too, Eva, but now that I have it… well, let’s just say I’m glad I have it!

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