Feb 282011

Ah, Monday.

I still have 4 more months to have Monday’s off for “Me Time.”  A day that I get any leftover chores done that I was too lazy to do during the weekend, finish up last minute homework, or do nothing at all.

Normally, it does entail me running to town to do this or that, and today was no different.  Hubby had made the trip in yesterday to pick up some essentials, but unfortunately, I still needed cat litter (the supplier that I get it from is closed on Sunday).  So, also realizing that I probably should pick up some cat food for Calie, I head to the Grocery Store and proceed to find things that were not on my mental list, but could always be used.  Plus, they were on sale.

As I round the corner from the frozen foods, I walk past the bakery and get hit smack dab in the head with the realization that this is also bread baking day.


Forgot about that.  If I had been crunched for time, I could have picked up one of the loaves that had been baked there, but Rick didn’t really care for them.  He says they just don’t have the taste that mine do.  Fortunately, it was still early enough in the day, so there was plenty of time to whip up a loaf.

You know, there’s just nothing to compare to the smell of fresh baked bread.

It all starts from the time all the ingredients are coming together, and you get that pleasant smell of yeast in the air.  2 hours later  it is in the oven and you get transported to your childhood and the familiar scent of bread baking, that tantalizing smell of home cooking.  And you get that urge to want to rip a big hunk off of it right out of the oven and slather it with butter.

Thank goodness I have restraint.

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  1. Ooh!! You make my mouth water.

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