Jul 102011

Even though my husband is a computer geek, deep down he will always be a carpenter.

He spent many years building homes for the rich in suburbia and remodeling who-knows-what for who-knows-who.  No job was off-limits:  funeral homes, churches, medical clinics, office buildings – he could do it all.

And he loves the toys that come along with it:  skill saws, radial arm saws, drills, nail guns – he has them all, plus a whole gamut of other hand tools that line the garage from end-to-end, and overflow into the attic.

He also doesn’t like to let anything go to waste:  nails, screws, wood scraps – he saves them all with the knowledge that they will someday come in handy, and he’s usually right.

Take, for example, his latest “shopping trip” to the local lumber/hardware store.  As with any shopping that he does, he likes to get in and out of the store as quickly as possible, and in order to do that there needs to be a list of things he needs.

And like any good carpenter, you use the materials that are available to you when making such a list.

This piece of wood that was left over from our kitchen ceiling remodel fit the bill just perfectly!

No self-respecting carpenter would be caught dead entering a manly hardware store with a sissy piece of paper.

I’m just glad he didn’t specialize in cement.

That list would have been a bitch to carve out.

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  1. Haha! Too funny! Corey saves all that stuff too, I call him a pack-rat, he calls it saving. 🙂

  2. Oh my God, I cant count the times I too have seen this one- and its always a lumberyard/~sandyrooney~sandyrooney~sandyrooney~sandyrooneyhardware store list! I have even seen math equations worked out on scrap lumber. I have nothing bad to say about scrap lumber though, as I have to admit, a lot of the little ‘extras’ in my yard, planters and such, have been completely built out of scrap and recycled lumber. Bless their wood working hands that dont like to waste a thing!!!!

  3. Ain’t it great!

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