Jul 112011

This weekend I did nothing but read.

No, that’s not exactly the truth.  I still did my normal chores, plus a few more, but I also took time to go outside and relax with a good book… or 2… on my Kindle.  I pulled this same shenanigan last Saturday, and at the time I felt pretty guilty about it.  I mean, I should have been doing LOTS of stuff that I’m sure there was to do if I had really thought about it, but I didn’t think about them hard enough to bring them to my mind.

I think my mind just needed a mini vacation… escaping into another time and place while still being in my own front yard.

If I do that, I won’t whine and cry about how my mind is mush from everything going on at work.  Maybe this will recharge my creativity level so that I can tackle some of the brain-teasers that fly at me from my coworkers.  Perhaps this will stop me from thinking about what is in store the next week when there won’t be enough time to complete everything in an 8 hour work day.

Yeah, that sounds good.

OK, the guilt is gone.

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  1. I did that too, enjoyed time with my Kindle 🙂 I have been enjoying another trilogy, the Dawning of Power Trilogy, on mine. Wonderful books, I highly recommend them. the first 2 are free, the 3rd is 99 cents. Well worth it. I felt guilty as well just sitting reading, but I took breaks from that to do other miscellaneous things around the house. We are a lot alike Ma 🙂

  2. Great minds think alike!!

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