Jun 182012

Rick & I went to the eye doctor today for checkups and new glasses.

The Doctor was a pretty nice guy and the whole procedure was fairly straight forward:

1.  See how many number/letter combinations you can guess without making a total fool of yourself

2  Have a bright light burning into your retina while he sees if your retina’s are doing OK

3.  Get your eyes dilated so he can shine an even brighter light in your eyes to see into the back of your eye for any possible damage that may or may not have been caused by the first burning light.

Now you can deduce by this event that there is nothing drastic that occurs.  Until you walk out of the office into a sunshiny day.

With dilated eyes.

We. Were. In. Pain.

The sun immediately seared our enlarged pupils.  If that is what terrorists would do in interrogations, they could extract more information than waterboarding.

Once we made it to the relative safety of the car 8 feet away, the real fun came:  I had to drive 12 miles to drop Rick off at work, drive back into town and get out of the car at 2 stores to do my shopping, and then drive back home.

Trying to do this through slitted eyelids and tears pouring out of my eyes hoping that I didn’t cause an accident or hit a jogger on the side of the road should earn me a gold medal.  Hell, I think that they should make that an Olympic sport!

Every person that participated in it would look like a Japanese animation character.

Or someone high on drugs.

Which is quite possible that a couple people in the store though I was today.


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  1. Hahaha I seriously hate having my eyes dialated, and my eye doctor is nice enough to not do that to me when I ask him not to! 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better now!

  2. Feeling lots better, thanks honey.

  3. lol, oh my! I have never had mine dilated and now I certainly don’t ever want to. Sounds painful.

  4. Yeah, if you can avoid it, I would unless you have sunglasses with you (which we didn’t).

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