Jun 232012

We have a very temperamental lawn mower.

Remember last year when she got all huffy and decided to combust into flames?

Well, her little snits are starting up again.  Rick will take the time to rid the lawn of all the junk assorted extras that come out in the summertime, turn the key on the ignition and YAY, she starts!  And then DAMN, she quits.

The latest escapade was drawn out over a full week.  Last Sunday all ready to mow the lawn, fired her up, mowed approximately 100 feet and Pffftttt… sputter… cough… blah.

Dead.  Nadda.  Nothing.

The next 2 hours were spent checking the spark plug, air filter, fuel filter and gas tank (for any wayward debris).  Everything was clear (except for a couple ladybugs taking a siesta in the bottom of the gas tank).  Out comes the battery charger to see if that would give her a jolt.  Nope, she wasn’t having any of that.

After a week of letting her sulk, Rick gave it one more try this morning and viola!  She started.  She’s running!  She’s mowing! 

Sure, the old girl is getting up there in age, but if coaxed enough she’ll do her job.

Kinda like me.


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  1. I found you one the 99% Exposure Hop. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. I love working with images for my blogs and I enjoy looking at other people’s photos too. I have 5 blogs and 4 kids.

    One of my husband’s favorite memories of helping my grandfather, on one of our visits to the States, was riding around on his lawnmower while cutting the grass! lol 😀


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  3. Lawn looks much better now 🙂

  4. What a great memory for your husband!

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