Oct 012012

The shed took on a huge transformation this past weekend.

It all started with getting the area above the deck ready for the roof.  What seems to be such a simple task requires a lot of prep work.

And I’m so glad that our friend Willard came over to help out.  Since I’m scared to death of using the saws, Rick had someone on the ground doing the cutting so he could spend time framing things together.  Also, I was really feeling like crap from the cold left by my grandkids last weekend (they share!!) and had no energy whatsoever.

As long as I’m admitting my fears, I might as well admit to my fear of heights, which is the total opposite of my loving husband who seems quite at ease 12 feet above the ground.

Oh, he tried to get me up there, but I made it clear that I was perfectly happy with the safety of ground firmly under my feet.

Although I have to admit he did have a spectacular view.

Come Saturday afternoon, everything was ready to get the roof trusses set.

Sunday was another beautiful, sunny day.  I, on the other hand, was sicker than a dog.  I was running a fever, my body ached and I had about as much energy as a sloth, so Rick had to go it alone on the project.

Turns out there wasn’t much I could have done anyway, unless I wanted to get up on the planking and nail trusses (nice try).

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times:  the man is an artist when it comes to construction!

How did I get so lucky?


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  1. To admit your fear of heights is not bad at all, seeing I’m the same way. I can get up there but …….. another thing coming down lol. Looks like your it sure came along way since I last seen it. Way to go Rick!

  2. I agree, getting up there is (kinda) easy, getting down is when Rick has to help me!

  3. Wow! Your studio is really coming along. I know it’s small compared to other things Rick has built, but I’m pretty proud of you guys! You’ll be using it before the snow falls.. Hope your feeling better.

  4. No matter the size, Rick makes sure that it has personality plus!

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