Sep 262012

I went to the farm on Monday to check out how the sunflowers are progressing.  Status:  not ready yet.  There are some big heads and it doesn’t look like the birds have been attacking them too much, but they just haven’t started to dry out yet.

I’m suspecting it’s because we’ve had some good stretches of rain for these past couple weeks, so the seeds are still white instead of that nice grey/black color they’ll become.  According to the weather gods, there’s no rain in sight for our parts until next week, and the temps will be cooler so that should help push them along a little bit *crosses fingers*.

But while ours aren’t ready yet, a neighbor garden has some that are and I have been given permission to take what I want.  So I did.

This is actually the 3 bucket I’ve harvested from her garden.  There are 2 different varieties but I don’t suspect the birds will care much this winter, just as long as they have something to munch on (and I’m saving money by not buying from the store).

Since I had other things on my “to-do” list, I decided to just leave them in the bucket for the night and string them up another day.  Not wanting the squirrels to start hauling away my bounty (which they did before… little bastards), I decided to put them in the garage.  At least that was my intent.

Somewhere between setting them down outside the garage to open up the door and actually setting them in the garage, I got distracted.

5 hours later my brain remembered that I may not have gotten the bucket into the safety of the garage.  And it was right.

But I was too late.  The little terrorists had already struck.  They pilfered at least one of the heads, and had started munching away on the others.

If this is their calling card of what to expect this winter, all I can say is Game On!


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  1. I just had my appendix out, Ma! Don’t make me laugh, it hurts!!! heehee Yeah, the little s***s look like they’re getting an early start this year!

  2. Glad I made you laugh (sorry it hurt)! Yes, looks like the little tards are gearing up for an exciting winter…

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