Oct 262011

I did something that I rarely ever do.

I spoiled myself.

Not just little spoil, but kinda big spoil.  You know, where you hem and haw and ask yourself if you really need “such and such.”  99.9 percent of the time I answer no, of course, and move on in life knowing I was getting along just fine without… whatever it was.

And I really couldn’t afford my gift to myself, but I just couldn’t pass up the once in a lifetime bargain I was getting.  And really, I was saving up all those Amazon.com point “dollars” that I had been accumulating for the past few years to buy something that I really wanted.  And I really wanted this.

So as my special birthday present to myself, I bought a new camera.

It’s the newest Rebel camera from Canon, and people, let me tell you, this thing is the cat’s meow!

Yes, it had a hefty price tag, but there was a special going on that included an additional zoom lens.   When I did my research and found out the full retail value on this camera and both lenses, I did the math.  After using my points and the special deal that was going on, I got everything for half price.  I would have been a fool to pass this up.

Now I’ve only scratched the surface on how to use the darn thing, but once I figured out how to zoom in on my lovely Nuthatches, I was in love, love, love!

With the holidays closing in, I’m going to have plenty of test subjects to try it out on.

Thor & Calie will be very relieved to not have the thing in their faces all the time.

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  1. So purty! I love it Mama, can’t wait to see it in action and see some more beautiful pictures from it 🙂

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