Oct 222011

Today is one of those rare days.

Rare in the sense that I am in cleaning mode.  Not full-blown “I’m attacking this whole house until it sparkles” mode, just a small area that has needed a little TLC for quite some time.

This area is my desk.  If you have ever been to my house, you know that my desk is the size of a small country and weighs several tons because it is made of solid wood.  Not wood by-products, SOLID WOOD.

Ask Rick, he’ll tell ya (he’s had to move it enough times).  Sorry honey… love ya.

So far I’ve managed to tackle the area underneath the desk, and have thrown out 2,539,871 old CD’s, countless jewel cases, empty boxes (WTF was I saving them for?), and telephone books that date back to the Stone Age.

The scariest part was encountering what was behind all that junk.

These suckers were attached to everything!

And they put up quite a fight when they found out they were being evicted.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid that I’ve only touched the surface when it comes to these dangerous critters.  With the cooler temperatures, and the lack of air movement from open doors/windows, they will be able to start all over in another area of the house.

Since the woodburner is back on duty after it’s vacation, there is no shortage of dry air for them to feed off of.

So the next time you come to visit and see a couple dust-webs, don’t think me a bad housekeeper.  Just grab a duster and help me keep the dust bunnies under control.


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  1. Watch the SMG! BTW, did you see how Dad wants you to fire a 50 cal? Haha! 🙂 <3 you! lol

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