Aug 222012

I was informed yesterday that a bear has attacked our popcorn patch at the farm and cleaned us out.

Actually, the words Todd used were “It looks like a lawn mower went through it.  Right down to the ground.

When a coworker asked if he was sure it was a bear, Todd said that the critter “left evidence.”  (That means poop to those not familiar with bear “evidence”.)

So it looks like all Rick & I get from those 100 plants are these dozen little ears.

And some of those are less than full due to raccoons.

It has been a very challenging year for gardening.  If it ain’t the weather, it’s the critters.  And there’s not thing one you can do about it.

Except be thankful for what we did get.

And that I am.


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  1. Oh no! Well, ya got something at least! It’ll be better next year. Hey, I still have TONS of popcorn from like, 15 years ago if you want some 🙂 If it’s still good anyways….

  2. Thanks for the offer, but after all these years I don’t think it will “sprout.” You’d better pop that stuff up 😉

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