Aug 202012

If you must go picking later in the day, drench yourself in bug juice because every mosquito in the state of Wisconsin lives in the blackberry patch you are working in.

Those.  Thorns.  HURT!!

Wear a long shirt, preferably made out of Kevlar to avoid being scratched to death by thorns.

I had an allergic reaction to 2 thorn scratches.  It was not pretty.  And it itched.  A LOT!

It took 2 weeks to heal from those 2 thorn scratches.  Antibiotic ointment and band-aids are my friend.

If you must reach for that last blackberry, make sure you don’t lean into the blackberry branch with the largest talons thorns.  You will regret it.

Thorns do fight back, especially when they have broken off and stuck into your pant leg.

If you are sick and tired of making blackberry jam, freeze the berries on a cookie sheet covered with plastic wrap.  You can break them apart when they are frozen and bag for later use.

Clean the debris from the blackberries before you rinse them, especially if someone had spilled some of their loot and scooped it off the ground in big handfuls bringing grass and leaves along with it forcing you to spend an extra 2 hours picking wet crap off of each wet berry.

Nibble on as many blackberries as you want while you are picking.  This is totally acceptable (and fun).

Don’t leave your berries on the counter overnight or your kitchen will smell like whine wine in the morning.

Every towel, wooden spoon and fingernail that comes into contact with the berry will be stained purple.

Watch out for bears.

Leave the last picking of the season to Mother Nature and the critters.  No need to be greedy.

Last, but not least, treat your husband to some homemade Blackberry muffins.  After all, he did get all those berries off the tall branches for you 🙂



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  1. What!!!! Muffins!!!!, I will be right home!!!!

  2. Glad you enjoyed them 🙂

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