Jul 162012

Sorry I have been negligent in posting to this here blog.

Is it laziness?  Perhaps

Is it writer’s block?  Kinda

Is it I’m just caught up in the wonderful warm weather of summer and spending as much time away from the computer whenever I can?  DEFINITELY!!

I think we all get that way this time of year.   Being holed up in the house for the million months of winter in these parts can drive a person cuckoo (I had to Google the spelling of the word… I’m on vacation and so is my brain).

In our contribution to the economy (as in taking out a loan to gas up the vehicle), this past weekend was another road trip for Rick & I.

We piled (is 2 people a pile??) into the car on Saturday and headed south to Nichole’s for her semi-yearly Summer Bash.  The grandkids didn’t know we were coming, so we were greeted with screams and hugs and kisses.  THE best part of being a grandparent IMO.

While us women folk spent time prepping the food, the men got their testosterone on by playing with the big toys.

While flying around the property on this motorized death trap cycle was apparently fun, I declined to take it for a spin which could have resulted in a possible trip to the emergency room (I have issues).

I did however allow Corey to take me on the 4-wheeler for a personal tour of the woods surrounding the property.  I didn’t scream once.

Had Rick taken me I may have done more than scream.  (Love you honey!)

The pool was a necessity in the July heat and the kids had a blast!  Since I *ahem* forgot my swimsuit, I stayed on the sidelines and avoided the inevitable splashing water that always seems to occur when someone thinks that I need to cool off.

Oh, and a frog crashed the party.  This little fella was tucked away in the water hose storage thingamajiggy (I Googled that one too but only because WordPress said that I spelt it wrong.)  (Which I didn’t.  HA!).

Our original plan was to bring the camper down and spend the night, but Rick was behind at work and wanted to get to the shop bright and early Sunday morning.  It was a good thing that we came home, because the Rez went a little crazy that night and, well, I’ll tell you about that next time.

As always it was a wonderful time with family and I’m glad that we made the trip.  Oh, and the Cream Cheese bars Nichole made were fabulous!!  I hope she doesn’t forget to send me the recipe…


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  2. Nice pics love the pasture out by the cool pool!

  3. YAY!!

  4. They have a beautiful place down there!

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