Jul 182012

As I said the other day, the Rez was a little crazy this past weekend.

Actually, crazy doesn’t quite fit what happened.  I’m not sure what does.  Maybe you’ll have a better word for it by the time you’re done reading this.

In the wee hours of Sunday morning (read:  12:30 am), we are sound asleep when there is a pounding on the door.  It was a friend of ours that had requested Rick to come down to the Trading Post (the building in which his shop is located) because there was a fire.

Paul, the owner of the building was out of town and someone needed to be there.  Rick throws on his clothes and heads out the door, but not before asking me if I wanted to come with, which I sleepily kindly decline and tell him that if there was anything exciting, he can come and get me later.

Have I ever mentioned my fear of fires?

When I got up the next morning, I was able to get a full assessment of what occurred the previous night:  Someone (or more than likely more than one) decided to get their jollies by playing arsonist to not one but five different targets.

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The second fire that was started totally engulfed the Big Drum Building, which is very important to many in the area.

On that night, 2 sweat lodges, a dance circle and a camper and smaller lodge were also destroyed by fire.

To say the least, the community was in a panic.  But it wasn’t over yet.  At 10:00 am on Sunday, I heard the sirens blaring at the fire station down the block.  This time, the target was the MC stand at the Powwow grounds.  Luckily, that one was poorly set and did minimal damage.

Hours later the images of the destruction started showing up on Facebook:

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This was what remained of the Big Drum Building.  The fire was so far out of control and try as they might, the men and women could not save it.  The building was a total loss.

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The back of the Trading Post suffered minor damage, but the camper and lodge weren’t as lucky.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt in these fires and the police have a “person of interest” in custody.

As the community gets ready for the annual Honor the Earth Powwow, they must also deal with the aftermath that this senseless act of destruction has caused, and the many questions that need to be answered because of it.

I hope those answers come quickly so that the healing may begin.


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  1. Wow, I seriously got chills looking at the destruction. Makes me sad that someone would want to ruin things that mean so much to a community and their heritage..

  2. Makes me sad too.

  3. Oh my goodness…. I didn’t realize so much damage had occurred. I hope they find whoever did it and they get what they deserve.

  4. Me too honey, me too.

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