Sep 052012

Living in the Northwoods I have to put up with lots of bugs.

The biggest pests of all being ticks and mosquitoes.  They bite, suck blood (eww) and leave nasty, itchy reminders behind.  I will go to great lengths to keep them off of me and I can generally keep them out of my house.

Another insect that I can’t stand are spiders.  We have them in all shapes and sizes around these parts with the majority being non-toxic.  These pests, however, think that my house is a vacation spot during the warmer parts of the year.

And even though I get the heebie-jeebies from these 8-legged web spinners, I find them quite fascinating when they are in their natural environment (which is not in my house).

For the most part we live in harmony unless they are super creepy like a wolf spider, in which case they get booted out the door.  I try not to squish them because in Ojibwe culture that is considered bad luck, and gawd knows I don’t need to invite bad mojo into my life.

Daddy Long Legs are the most popular variety that I notice in my plants and around my house, and until a few years ago I was unaware that they were amongst the most venomous spider there is.  Fortunately, their fangs aren’t able to pierce human skin so I should rest easy knowing that I’m not going to be a spider buffet.

But then I saw this Granddaddy lounging in my Hasta’s.

What really set this guy apart was that he had a pair of fangs that I could clearly see.

Mutant spider?  Arachnid implants?

Whatever the case, it had better stay the hell out of my house.  Bad mojo or not, that sucker will go splat.


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  1. Yeah, clearly visable fangys + spider = SQUISH!

  2. That guy was seriously creepy!

  3. A scene that comes to mind: The Simpsons. Sideshow Bob. Repeatedly stepping on rakes and getting hit in the face making that funny sound I can’t really spell “hoyoyoyoyoyy…” that noise is what I think of when I see that Spidey 🙂

  4. Bwahahahahaha!!

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