Sep 062012

I went to the closet the other day to decide what to wear to work… and couldn’t.  Decide that is.

Not because I don’t have enough clothes to choose from, but because of of the time of year it is.  April and September always bring a challenge for me when choosing the right outfit for the day.  It may start out in the 40s but be 80 by noon.  On the flip side, it could be muggy and 60 at 5 am and a cold front will come through and I’ll be freezing my tuckus off at 10 am.

But the trees are showing me that we are once again in a transition month where radical temperature shifts are the norm.  This week started out in the balmy 80s and will end in the mid-60s for daytime highs.

For the normal person this wouldn’t be a big deal,  but it’s no secret that I’m a freeze baby and have been known to turn on my space heater in the office to get feeling back into my fingers even though it’s July.  I love the summer months!  I love the heat and humidity!  But I also love living in an area with 4 seasons (although I could do without the subzero temps of January).

So once again my closet becomes a mish-mash of summer/fall clothes and I have to depend on the accuracy (HA!) of the weatherman to select the appropriate clothing for the day.

I’ve always joked that when I’m in full-blown menopause and have a hot flash I won’t notice it because I’ll be “comfortable.”

Which will probably happen in the middle of January and I’ll be standing on the deck in minus-10 degree weather and a foot of snow with no coat on saying “Isn’t it a beautiful day!”

At which point Rick will faint.


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