Apr 082011

With the warmer temperatures comes the end of the bird feeding season.

As I’ve mentioned before, up here in the northwoods the bears have come out of hibernation and I don’t need them wreaking havoc on my bird feeders.  Besides, the birds will have plenty of bugs and worms and such to keep their bellies happy in no time at all.

First to come down is the suet feeder, since it is now empty.

Gonna miss these little guys.

They really have been a good source of entertainment over the winter months.

Even this big guy.  The staccato movements that he makes on the tree.  Always aware… always cautious.

My own little Nature Channel.

I still have the regular feeder up since it still has seed in it, so some of the smaller birds can still have something to munch on.

And I’m pretty sure that the squirrels will take advantage of it also.

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  1. Bummer about having to take the feeders down, but at least you know you’ll still see the birdies around

  2. Yes, the birds and I have developed a special relationship I think. And George the chipmunk too… saw him last night. We had a good talk.

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