Apr 042011

This morning it is snowing.


Perhaps this is all just a dream, because it is April 4th, and surely by now we would be over with this stuff, right?

So I will not think about the fluffy white flakes that fall outside my window.

Instead I will think about something more pleasant.

Like these goldfinches who came to the feeder on Saturday morning.

I have to say that I don’t ever remember having the pleasure of seeing this group before.  It was if they were flying by and said “Hey, lookie down there, a new restaurant we haven’t tried .  Let’s check it out!”.

And I’m sure glad they did!

It was so nice to see the spring-like color of yellow.  Something that I have missed over the last 5 months of drab winter white.

Yep, I must still be sleeping.

How else could you explain it?

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  1. So purty! Love it Mama, you did have a nice group out there for you to look at 🙂

  2. Reminded me of the one that came to visit Kayla.

  3. Yes, definitely! I wonder whatever happened to that one… Wonder if it followed us here? Can’t wait for our finches to come around! Need to clean the feeders tho… Maybe a project for this weekend.

  4. It was so awesome! This huge party of goldfinches that descended on the feeder… reality TV at its best!

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