May 072012

It was the first auction of the season in the Northwoods on Saturday, and it was lonnggggg.  Like 8 hours long.  Not the ideal way to start them off, in my opinion, because I’d rather work my way up to the marathon sessions.  Just like an athlete, ya know?

And it was cold.  And Rainy.  (Whine much Sandy??)  But we made it through like the troopers we are and came home with some nice little trophies to show for it.  You could tell that everyone was hungry to spend their money because they were bidding way high on stuff that should have gone cheap and low on stuff they shouldn’t have.

A few of the regulars that we got to know last year were there, and it’s always nice to see those familiar faces.  And then there are the “new” people that you have to watch out for.  Like the threesome that was buying as much crap as they could for friends of theirs that own a store (they get a commission).  One of these people outbid me on a piece of crap ladder that I wanted for $1 to use in the garden.  No way was I going to top her $4 bid (I’m frugal, not stupid).

Actually, going to these auctions is a great way to people watch.  One guy in particular stuck out like a sore thumb (to me, anyway) because he looked just like Fidel Castro.  He had the hat, the hair, the face.  Hell, he even wore camo pants.  Several slight differences gave him away that he was not the real Mr. Castro:  the green sweatshirt, no facial hair and cheap tennis shoes.  Plus, I don’t think Mr. Castro would have been purchasing a rusty shovel at an auction in Northern Wisconsin.  Of course, maybe he was just sick of Cuba and wanted to vacation somewhere that nobody would bother to notice him (we’re a curious lot here in the upper Midwest, but we tend to just leave celebrities alone and ogle from afar).

The creme dela creme of interesting people for me was the retired farmer from New Auburn (which is south of us a ways) who decided that I was just the gal to flirt with.  He kept offering me candy and showing me pictures of his tractors (real turn-on there folks).  And when I say flirt, I’m talking about phrases like “Sure lots of woods around here… wanna go play hide and seek?” and “Can I buy you a cup of coffee… or maybe a bourbon?”  He even gave me his business card with his name and phone number so I can call him if I’m ever in his neck of the woods.  UffdaActually, he was a very nice man to talk to and he had a great sense of humor.

And if I see him at another auction, I’ll make sure to give him a piece of candy.


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  1. whew! made it through the captcha…lol well I love auctions and the people watching is so much fun as the sliding scale of variety can be extreme….glad you had a good time……hopefully we can go to one together some time during the summer…..!!

  2. Spring time auctions! I always feel people are itchy in spring and bid higher than they really should. But you just can never tell about an auction. That’s why they are fun!

  3. That candy yer gonna give him better be wrapped in plastic. Hide and seek! Boy, I gotta keep an eye on you all the time. LOL

  4. I’d LOVE to go to an auction with you!

  5. Very true Roxy!

  6. Why do you think I was trying to stick close to you so much? LOL!!

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