Apr 012011

I think by now you’ve gotten an idea of  how strange unique our cat Thor is.

I truly believe that he is a reincarnation of our much beloved dog Tipper.


Well, he has so many mannerisms that I have only seen from dogs.  And some of them match Tipper to a “T”.

For instance, Tipper hated thunderstorms.  Absolutely hated them!  He would pant and shake like he was coming out of his skin whenever one was approaching, and continue to do so throughout the whole thing.  Thor is the same way, only he runs under the bed and hides.  Actually, that is his safe haven from strangers too.

Oh, you want more?

How about growling at the UPS man?  Ever seen a cat do that before?

Drink out of the toilet?  Stand on his hind legs and beg?  Chew shoelaces off shoes?  Eat out of the garbage can?

Sure, there are some things that Thor does that Tipper never did.

Like leave a partially eaten mouse on the rug, or chew on anything remotely resembling plastic.

And I guess catnip socks are more enjoyable to cats than dogs.

And Thor’s kisses aren’t as sloppy as Tipper’s were.

But still, you gotta admit that there are a lot of similarities.

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  1. and the name Thor is sooo puuurrrrfect for him!!

  2. Yep, the God of Thunder is scared of it! LOL!

  3. Always said so! Agree wholeheartedly that he is the reincarnation 🙂

  4. Yep!!

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