Mar 262011

Last weekend was very emotional in so many ways.

And the fact that there was also a full moon that weekend made it even more so.

I absolutely love looking at the moon.  And when I saw this, I just had to capture it.

If I had really been thinking, I would have gone out later when it was darker and tried to get more photos.

But Nichole had come down to spend the night with me, so we kinda got caught up with  picking on Corey on Facebook and then playing our online game.

After staying up way to late, we were awoken to this the next morning:

A beautiful blanket of Hoar Frost had descended on the town overnight.

Call me weird if you will, but this is the most magical sight to see.  I have always  loved the sight of frost covered trees.  I can’t explain it…

We took our time getting dressed for the day’s events but still had time to spare before we needed to be at the church, so after making one stop that Nichole requested , we went in search of photo ops.  Specifically frost covered trees.

Thinking that the town park would be a great place to get pics of the trees in all their frozen glory, we headed to the north side of town.  Unfortunately, we had waited too long and the sun had already thawed their branches.


So we headed to the school water tower,  which happens to be a very well known historical spot.

As we were snapping away at said landmark, Nichole found some low-lying bushes that were protected from the sun’s rays.

I wish that this would have turned out clearer.  I loved how the spiderwebs were wrapped around this branch, and spun around the cluster of blossoms.

Nichole is a much better photographer than I am, and I’m hoping that she will share some of her pics with me so that I can let everyone see for themselves what she is able to capture with the lens of her camera (hint, hint, Nichole).

THIS is what I was aiming for!  To get up close and personal with those ice crystals!

We must have snapped pictures for 15 minutes before I realized that I was completely frozen.

Plus, if we didn’t hurry up and get to the church, we would be late.  I hate being late… for anything.  There’s a story behind that.  But it’s a very long story, and will probably make it into another post at some point or another.

Or not.

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  1. You take beautiful pictures Mom! Yes, I will send you some, I promise! Check your inbox later today 🙂

  2. Done 🙂 Enjoy and reciprocate

  3. Thanks honey! I’ll certainly reciprocate 😉

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