Apr 142011

A couple days ago I posted about the first real signs of Spring with the emergence of the flowers in my rock garden, and waiting for my crocuses to peek through.

Well, I’m muckin’ around the yard the other day and I happened to see that they have indeed decided to join us this year.

A few patches have come up here and there outside my window and was I ever glad to see them!

Not only that, but the grape hyacinths are bringing themselves out of hibernation too!

I have a couple other varieties that are planted in this area outside my bedroom window, but for the life of  me I can’t remember what they are.  When they bloom, I will make an effort to photograph them and hopefully that will trigger my memory (if not,  a Google search might help to).

I’ve got to say, Google is a darn good tool when it comes to identifying things.  Their images gallery has helped me with flowers and birds in the past.  Sometimes though, you get the random picture that has absolutely nothing to do with your search phrase (and can actually turn out to be X-Rated), but that’s the risk you run asking a computer database to find what you want.

OH!  AND my wonderful Mother-in-Law, Georgia, brought me 2 more geranium plants to put on my deck this year!  This will add to the 4 from last year (that hopefully over-wintered successfully in the attic of the garage) so we should have some beautiful flowers that greet people when they come to the door.  Unfortunately, I can’t put them out just yet as the nighttime temps are still hovering around the freezing mark, and the Weather Channel is predicting the “S” word to show up over the next couple days.

This is one of the times that I would like them to be VERY wrong!  Yeah, I know that it won’t stick around for more than a couple hours with the little bit that they are calling for.

It’s just the principal of the thing.

Apr 082011

With the warmer temperatures comes the end of the bird feeding season.

As I’ve mentioned before, up here in the northwoods the bears have come out of hibernation and I don’t need them wreaking havoc on my bird feeders.  Besides, the birds will have plenty of bugs and worms and such to keep their bellies happy in no time at all.

First to come down is the suet feeder, since it is now empty.

Gonna miss these little guys.

They really have been a good source of entertainment over the winter months.

Even this big guy.  The staccato movements that he makes on the tree.  Always aware… always cautious.

My own little Nature Channel.

I still have the regular feeder up since it still has seed in it, so some of the smaller birds can still have something to munch on.

And I’m pretty sure that the squirrels will take advantage of it also.

Apr 042011

This morning it is snowing.


Perhaps this is all just a dream, because it is April 4th, and surely by now we would be over with this stuff, right?

So I will not think about the fluffy white flakes that fall outside my window.

Instead I will think about something more pleasant.

Like these goldfinches who came to the feeder on Saturday morning.

I have to say that I don’t ever remember having the pleasure of seeing this group before.  It was if they were flying by and said “Hey, lookie down there, a new restaurant we haven’t tried .  Let’s check it out!”.

And I’m sure glad they did!

It was so nice to see the spring-like color of yellow.  Something that I have missed over the last 5 months of drab winter white.

Yep, I must still be sleeping.

How else could you explain it?