Mar 132011

Daylight savings time has come to Wisconsin.


Bunch of malarkey if you ask me.

Twice a year we have to go around the house and reset the clock on the microwave, coffeemaker, alarm clock and any other apparatus that shows us the time of day.  Luckily, the cable box and computers have a mind of their own and take the task amongst themselves.

So how many of my clocks have the same exact time on them?  None.  Zero.  Zilch.

I keep my alarm clock 12 minutes fast so I’m not awaken by the blare of music and have to jump out of my cozy bed to shut the blasted thing off.  I keep my coffeemaker 10 minutes fast just in case I happen to wake up before my alarm clock.  Even the computer and cable box can’t decide which time is correct.

And why does this time change always have to occur in the middle of the night?  Do people actually set their alarms for 1 a.m. just to get out of bed and reset their clocks to 1 hour ahead?

One of my friends provided a suggestion for this particular pain in the rear:

DST should happen during the day in the middle of the week, not when we are clinging to the last bit of the weekend

Makes perfect sense to me!  This way we do not lose that hour of sleep and can shorten a work day by one hour.  Who wouldn’t love that?


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  1. I agree!!!

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