Mar 152011

I’ve really enjoyed doing this webpage… err blog.  And I’ve had a wonderful time being able to discover other people that have sites like mine that, to tell the truth, make me laugh and smile and realize that I am not the only person that tends to tell it like it is.

However, to borrow the phrase from one of people that I absolutely adore and who was my “Website Find” back when I started this, The Pioneer Woman, “I’m keepin’ it real.”

By that I mean I am letting you know exactly who I am and letting you into my world.

My husband is named Rick, not “Sexy Man” or “The Hubby”.

My kids are Christine and Nichole, not “The Sophmore” or “Twinkles”.

Not that they would have had much of a vote on the subject, because after all, I’m the Mom and what I say goes.  Yes, I would have listened to them and if they really would have wanted to stay under the radar, I MIGHT have let them, but hey, it’s too late now.  Love you!  MWAH!

I lay it all on the line folks, and I’m proud of who I am and who my family is.

Now, before you start razzing me, let me say this:  I am not putting down other blogs that do this.  I realize that people require a certain amount of anonymity.  Cool!  I get it!  Completely understandable!

And I really get a kick out of seeing how creative other bloggers can be when choosing the names of their family members.

And I love, love, love reading everything that they have to say and the things that they share.

So my whole reason for this post?

Well, there is none, really, just keepin’ it real 😉


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  1. I am not a blogger that is afraid to put names into the blogsphere. And I too, in my own little way have kept it real.
    Sexy Hubby coined the phrase himself, and who am I to correct him?
    The Sophomore seems too – well – Sophomorish most days, and if the shoe fits…

    Thanks for the secret shout outs!


  2. Haha, but you refer yourself as The Mom! LOL Love it Mama! 🙂 <3 u!

  3. Yep, KT, I think the names that people choose are great! And like you say, if the shoe fits (as I’m sure it does for Sexy Hubby 😉 ) why not!

  4. Thought you’d like it 😉

  5. Yes, yes I do, but it’s quite obvious what my name is by looking at my URL LOL!

  6. Very true! I just found it a lil funny 🙂

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