Aug 022011

It’s August *sigh*

And no, I haven’t turned my calendar.  I’m in denial, remember?

But how can I be when it smacks me right in the face every time I go out into my garden?  I have been harvesting since the middle of last month, for crying out loud!  First the cucumbers started so I had to make pickles (not complaining, just stating a wonderful fact).  Now it appears that I have encouraged those plants to pop out more delicious cukes because there are little babies all over the place that will be ready to pick in a week or so (and I can’t wait!).

Not to be outdone, the tomato plants have shot up to the sky.

Remember these little babies that were planted near the end of May?

They were so cute… so innocent.

Well, now they are approaching adulthood at 6 feet tall.

And bearing fruit that is ripening quick!

This little darlin’ was the hit of the party on the pizza Rick made Saturday night.

He was still having tasty memories about it the next day.

And what about these oh-so-cute pepper plants that joined the family on the same day.

They ain’t gonna let no tomato plant steal their spotlight, nosireebob!  They’ve been climbing up their support stakes like there is not tomorrow.

Well hello there little feller!  Nice to meet ya.

We’ve actually got a couple of these bad boys maturing on the vine, with signs that there are plenty more to come.

I see Salsa in the near future!

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  1. Sooo… even your tomato plants are taller than you and I? Hmmm… I feel small. lol

  2. Yet another thing I must look up to 😉

  3. First off, HAPPY that the captcha code is back above the comment section, so maybe now it’s easier for people to understand how to leave comments (heehee)! Secondly, maybe your tomato plants are taller than you cuz they’re in raised beds? Doesn’t that add like, another 4-5 inches? Trying to make you feel better about your short selves 🙂 Oh, and that brings me to: SALSA!!!! YAY!!!!! <3 you! 🙂

  4. First off, didn’t know the captcha code was acting up (come on people, let me know these things!). Second, the raised beds are only the sides, the dirt still starts at ground level (nice try though 😉 ) And YAY to Salsa too! Luvs back atcha!

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