Apr 152012

I had been watching the forecast all week, praying that the weather would be good.  I was teased almost daily:  yes, there will be rain; no, it will be sunny.  The weather gods certainly weren’t going to make this easy.

And then Saturday morning came and the sun shone brightly.  Well, at least it did in the Northwoods.  But we were heading south to the old homestead to clean out the garage in preparation for the new renters that would soon be moving in.  We had a big chore ahead of us and I really didn’t want cold, crappy rain to hamper our efforts.

As we left the safety of the big woods, the sky looked ominous.  Was it rain?  Fog?  Oh, there’s some sun poking through, maybe it was just dark clouds giving me a little scare.  Little did I know that just a few miles a head of us there was rain coming down… and by the time we reached our halfway mark it had moved on and it was going to be beautiful weather for our task ahead.

Phew… dodged that bullet!

Nichole & Corey were gracious enough to volunteer in our efforts to clean out 20 years of accumulated junk.  Not just stuff that Rick & I had left behind, but things that our daughters had stashed away over the years when they had stayed in the house after we moved north.  And it wasn’t your normal garage either (remember, we don’t do normal in this family):  there was an attic to the garage that was plum full of crap stuff.

After 4 hours, the 10 yard dumpster we rented was overflowing.

So was the trailer that the kids had brought as well as the back of their pickup.

We had our own share of treasures that we brought home, along with old computer equipment that has to be hauled to the recycling center.

Lots of memories were rediscovered that day as we picked through boxes:  old photos, clothes, my diary from when I was young (which promptly went in the dumpster), games the kids used to play when they were little.

And if you think that we did all of this heavy lifting and sorting on an empty stomach, you’re sorely mistaken.  Nichole brought homemade breads, fruit, crackers and cheese curds (yummy!) to keep our strength up (thanks Colie!!)

Another chapter was closed that day.  One that contained many years of our life in that little town by the Rush River.  But new pages are being written every day as we go about our life in the Northwoods.

And some day there will be another garage that will need to be cleaned out.  And this one has a bigger attic to it.


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  1. You all must feel much closer, if that is possible, much lighter and much more gratitude for all the blessings you all have as a familly. I am so very happy, it feels good.

  2. Oh, we do Patty! I was really apprehensive on how I would feel going through all that stuff, but it was easier than I thought.

  3. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel either. The last walk-through of the house made my heart speed up and my hands get clammy and my throat get tight, but I made it through. I had fun going through the garage with you guys, it was a trip down memory lane.

  4. Wow, glad I’m not the only one that had a hard time doing the walk-through. Glad you were there with us!

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