Apr 162012

Today was proof positive that Mother Nature is in control.  Unbeknownst to me, April 16 = snow in the Northwoods (and here I thought it was just the due date for getting taxes done).  About 1/2 inch was ordered today, and another unknown fact came about that I was unaware of:  the ground was cold enough to let it accumulate. 

Which makes me sad, because all I can think about are the strawberry plants and all my other perennials getting cold under that blanket of white.

One thing that I didn’t have to worry about were my little starter plants in the new greenhouse.  They are all nice and toasty warm because of the space heater we placed in it.  I finally have some tomato plants popping up through the soil, and some of the flower seeds that I planted have joined the party.

There’s always one sign of Spring that I miss:  Apple Blossoms.  When we moved up north, Nichole would always send me pictures of our old apple trees when they were in bloom.  These pictures always made me smile with fond memories.  So when we went down to the old homestead on Saturday, I was practically giddy, hoping that I would get to see those blossoms with my very own eyes for the first time in 11 years.

Well, they weren’t in full bloom yet, but they did try their hardest to show me that everything was fine and dandy in the apple world.  I think it’s about time that I got a couple trees and plant them on the new lots we’re buying.

Then I can take pictures in the Spring and send them to Nichole.


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  1. I hear ya, love apple trees in bloom! Roy and the kids got me 2 semi-dwarf apple trees for my birthday, that I need to put into the ground, and they have buds on them just like your picture- so until you get yours, come on over and look at mine, I’ll share!

  2. You’re the best Eva!!

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